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International Summer Camp for Jewish Youth E-mail

From 26th to 31st of August about 100 students from all over Ukraine and neighboring countries came together to spend five unforgettable days at summer camp that is annually organized by the Youth Organization Hillel. The place of the meeting this year was Mankivka picturesque village located in Uman district of Kyiv region. Atmosphere of true Ukrainian villages and beautiful landscapes set to active rest and intellectual development. Jewish history ?lasses, meetings with interesting guests, work in creative workshops and fun evening activities were held during the camp.
The camp program was prepared and implemented by friendly madrich team under the guidance of Simferopil Hillel Director Diana Liebman. Make it Jewish thats how the slogan of this years program sounded and it accurately reflects the main purpose of the youth camp strengthening of Jewish students identity and the revival of Jewish culture and customs.


Traditionally, Tkuma Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies has joined the implementation of the camp curriculum. Dr. Oleksandra Leonova, Institute Tkuma Head of Research Department, held three lectures and conversations for camp participants.
The program was based on a Limud principle: several lectures and trainings were conducted simultaneously. The students themselves decided which class to attend. Lectures of Dr. Leonova were in great request among a large number of students. At her lectures, questions of the historical past closely intertwined with the problems of our time. During the lecture Ordinary Fascism and the Jewish question attendants tried to understand the concepts of fascism, Nazism and nationalism. Participants drew a lot of analogies and saw parallels between 1930s and the present. Through association and analysis of historical events the lecturer helped students understand the historical terminology which now became the object of manipulation. Another lesson was devoted to Yiddish avant-garde art. Members immersed into the cultural history of their people. Madriches noted that students were so carried away with the proposed theme that continued its discussion outside the lecture hall.
Not everyone was lucky enough yet to visit, while in Dnipropetrovsk, Menorah Center and Museum Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine, so Dr. Oleksandra Leonova conducted a virtual tour of around the Museum halls. Participants were amazed by modernity of the exhibitions, multimedia equipment. Students expressed a wish to visit the Museum and to continue cooperation with Tkuma Institute.

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