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Museum Staff Learns to Work with In-Migrants E-mail
The war in Eastern Ukraine forces not only the residents of Donbas but also the inhabitants of peaceful territories to adjust to new conditions. In this absolutely new situation for the country, which didnt know any inner or outer armed conflicts for 23 years of independence, the Ukrainians show themselves as active members of society. These are the volunteers in ATO forces, members of volunteer movements, blood donors for the wounded and those who are just doing their work in good faith for the benefit of our country. Citizens of Ukraine felt personal responsibility for the future of the state and thus for their own future.
Since the first days of Maydan Tkuma Institute has joined the national Revolution of Dignity, which first of all advocated not the European way of life, as pro-soviet and pro-Russian activists like to say, but the universal values. It is those universal values which are the main lesson of the Holocaust and all the history itself. Tkuma Institute activity is aimed at the realization of these values from the very beginning of its existence. Right now Tkuma Institute in cooperation with Museum Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine continues to perform its mission by holding educational seminars on history (because the historical myths are often used by the anti-Ukrainian propaganda); pedagogical seminars. Tkuma Institute and the Museum members, partners and friends take active part in social projects aimed at helping in-migrants.

New projects require new skills. First of all, the Institute members should be ready for the work with this particular audience people who have lost what they loved (or perhaps whom they loved), and whose ideas may be different from those of the pedagogues. Thats why on August 28th Tkuma Institute and the Museum stuff have acquired the basis which is necessary for working with in-migrants.
The employees of the city government services and the journalists have also participated in the seminar. Lyudmyla Kozina, Coordinator of Psychological and Educational Services of the Museum, practical psychologist, told how to work and simply communicate with in-migrants from Donbas in private life, avoiding fights and aggression. She assures that we can start working with them only when the lowest levels of needs according to the Maslow pyramid are satisfied. The first are food, accommodation, clothes; the next one is safety. If the first one, more or less, can be taken care of by the public service assistance to in-migrants and volunteer movements, the second one is a little bit more complicated as a great amount of the residents of Eastern Ukraine change their place of living by the principle of where its easier to get out, at the same time they take in new surrounding as the enemies who is guilty of the war; as those, who has ruined their lives and as a result those who owe them everything. Lyudmyla Kozina confirms: Many in-migrants have a complex of victim who should be helped and taken care of. That is why its important to give them personal responsibility for their families standard of living at the new place. Also, to the psychologists mind, peoples sympathy makes for adaptation, and whats very important involving in-migrants themselves to volunteer movements, where they can help their compatriots.
As for educational work with in-migrants itself, Lyudmila Kozina sees formula for success not in  imposing of personal ideas but simply in suggesting alternative ones.
Attempts to persuade would cause aggression and blind anger, the psychologist assures. Nevertheless it is very important to give these people a freedom of choice. During a long period of time they were under the influence of propaganda, their position was nourished by the news every day. Now they need time to realize the universal truth and, perhaps, confessed to themselves in falseness of certain estimation of events.

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