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The Debates

On the 17th of November the NGO “New Vision” together with the “Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies conducted the debates. The event included two so called “work-rooms” for debate technique and two rounds of debate over the topic “The Law Can Be Violated in the Interests of Justice”. All the participants have already known this intricate form of event, because it’s not the first class of this type. This time, the participants were taught to dispute in Dnepropetrovsk school ? 12. More than 40 pupils from different schools of the city came to gain new skills in argumentation and reasoning.


The Historical club with Ivan Patrylyak

Regular meeting of the Dniprovsky historical club was held in the Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”. Ivan Patrylyak, famous Kiev historian, Associate Professor of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, took part in the meeting and told about his books, dedicated to Ukrainian liberation movement. To be specific, the first book is a result of work on PhD thesis. The second one is more accessible to reader’s understanding edition. Ivan Patrylyak himself explains it this way: “The first of my books is more scientific “Arise and Fight! Listen and Believe!”, the other one, shall we say, is factual “Victory or Death”, is more understandable for general readers.

The presentation of the book aroused a wide resonance in the media and scientific community of Dnepropetrovsk.

The first lecture of the Sunday University

“Tkuma” Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies  and the Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” launched a new educational project – the Sunday University. The very idea of lecture series in free attendance format is not new to “Tkuma” Institute. In particular, Dr. Igor Shchupak, director of the Institute and Museum, conducted similar classes in other cities and even countries. “Tkuma” Institute found a decent place for the Sunday University in our home town, after the Museum opening.
Video hall, which also fulfills the function of a lecture hall and is designed for 40 people, eagerly accepted about 100 students. The participants differed in their professions, religions and age.
The lecturer helped the audience to understand and distinguish among the concept of “The Bible”, “The Torah”, “The TaNaKh”, “Books of the Old and the New Testament”, “The Gospel”. He spoke about the differences between perception of the Bible by Christians and Jews, told about the significance of the Bible as a historical document, etc.


Video from the Rogachy family
    The creators of the Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine" aimed to effect the senses of visitors. According to Dr Shchupak “expositions should influence not only our mind but also our heart”. It seems to turn out well – the Museum becomes the source of inspiration for visitors now.
   The video we have received from Inna Rogachy became indisputable proof of this fact. The author herself defines this work as a photo-essay “One Day in October. Coming Back Home”.

The Museum was opened to the visitors

Public opening of “Menorah” Center and the Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” took place on the 21st of October. The doors of “Menorah” were opened at 10 o’clock and at once the gallery was filled up with those wishing to take part in the program of the Center. It was definitely worth it to wake up so early in the morning on the day off to visit the most important object of the opening – the Museum.

Inna and Michael Rogatchi Foundation

New artifacts were donated to the Fund of the museum by Rogatchi family. The biggest surprise was a triptych “Faces of the Holocaust” by Michael Rogatchi. Guests of the opening ceremony on October 16 could see the picture in the third hall, but the official ceremony was held the next day, during a museum tour for the International Museum Seminar participants.
Triptych “Faces of the Holocaust” - is not the only gift from Rogatchi family to the Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”. They also donated to the Museum four original lithographs works of American artist Pat Mercer Hutchens from the series “Auschwitz Album Revisited”, which, according to the director of the Museum of Dr. Igor Shchupak, will occupy a worthy place in the hall “Holocaust”, in the section dealing with the death camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau. In turn, the Rogatchi Foundation was very pleased to support this important and ambitious project, its Fundators attended the exhibition in Auschwitz, and now decided to donate the original lithograph signed by the author to the Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”.

The First Session of “Tkuma” Institute Historical Club

As part of the International Museum Seminar the presentation of the book “Unbridled Dissonance: The Second World War and Socio-Political Identities in Ukraine, 1939 – 1941” by Vladyslav Hrynevych was held. The book has already caused wide resonance in the scientific world. The event opened the work of the Historical Club, sessions of which will now be conducted by the “Tkuma” Institute (the schedule is under development). Dr. Igor Shchupak assured the participants that well-known scholars from Ukraine and abroad will be nvited to the next sessions as well.
This is the second presentation of the book: it was first presented to the public within the framework of the International Conference “The historical memory about war and Holocaust”, in Kiev. Now, the author came to the home of the book publishers – “Tkuma” Center (now “Tkuma” Institute), in Dnipropetrovsk. Print run was specially prepared for the presentation in Kiev; therefore the number of copies is very limited. Yet some participants of the presentation were lucky to get a book as a gift - after the event those who had asked the most interesting questions to the author got the first edition of the book. The next print run will be released the next month.

International Museum Seminar

Immediately after the opening the Museum began to work actively in the international format. October 17, International seminar for heads of museums and museum programs was held at the Museum “Jewish memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”. To be precise, the seminar was started for the participants on the 16th of October; they were all invited to the grand opening on the Museum and they were among the first visitors. Then they were going to have detailed excursion and round table where the guests could express their opinion about the exposition and discuss the possibilities for future cooperation with the newly created Museum.

Grand Opening of “Menorah” Center and the Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”

Grand Opening of “Menorah” the largest Jewish center in the world and the Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” was held in Dnepropetrovsk. The event gathered diplomats, heads of Dnepropetrovsk city and region, members of Dnepropetrovsk Jewish Community and journalists. Of course, among the guests were those whose idea was put into reality and due to whom “Menorah” and its heart – Museum were created by: Igor Kolomoisky, president of the European Jewish Union, and Gennady Bogolyubov, president of the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish Community.
The key moment of the ceremony was the opening of the first in the post-Soviet countries Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”.
Dr. Igor Shchupak, the Museum director, guided the first excursion through the Museum. He told about the unique exhibits, creative solutions, extensive use of multimedia and other advanced technologies. He also presented a conceptual approach that helped to unite the past, present and future and pointed on specific features which distinguish the Museum.

Memorial service for Holocaust victims

Memorial service dedicated to 71th anniversary of the start of the mass shootings of Jewish civilians in Dnepropetrovsk was held in Gagarin Park.
At the memorial meeting was attended by the parishioners of the Jewish community, war veterans, pupils of the 2-11 grades of Dnipropetrovsk Jewish School “Or Avner Chabad-Lubavitch” n.a. Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, students of machon “Beis Chaya Mushka”, students of “Beit Chana”, as well as representatives of Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, “Tkuma” Center and many Jewish organizations of the city. Also 11th grade pupils of two schools of Dnipropetrovsk - ? 9 and?49, who take care of the monument and the adjacent territory.

Training on the public speaking

October 6 public organization “New Vision” held debate event for secondary school pupils. Our Centre, which as a part of its activities provides assistance to debate programs, supported the initiative of “New Vision”.
The panelists were located in Dnipropetrovsk grammar school ? 12. Debate is the first round of the series of events “Tolerance and democracy in a multicultural dimension”, which will now be held every month.
Already at the first event rich program was prepared for children. Pupils took part in the debate workshops, where they learned the peculiarities of the preparation and organization of debates, tried their own hand at the art of argument, prepared their speeches by a certain algorithm, which they had learnt here.
The event was attended by school children, not only from Dnipropetrovsk, but also from Kryvyi Rih. 

Letter from Zhytomyr

“Tkuma” Center often receives letters from teachers from different regions of Ukraine, where they write about school activities on the theme of tolerance, the lessons of the war and the Holocaust. This shows two things. Firstly, the relevance and effectiveness of this topic in the education and the educational process, and secondly, the impact of our contests and workshops for students and teachers.
Another such letter we received from Galina Leshchenko school teacher Ozerninsky Grammar School ? 1 (Zhytomyr region). She spoke about the event on the anniversary of Babi Yar tragedy, with a name that speaks for itself – “Jewish children in Ukraine - victims of the Holocaust”.
The event was attended by pupils of 5-7 grades. As the honored guest T. Tarianyk (unfortunately, we don’t know her name), a resident of Ozerny, a concentration camp prisoner, was invited.

Youth of Ukraine Discusses the Events of the Second World War

In 2012, “Nova Doba” All-Ukrainian Association of History and Social Sciences Teachers supported by the Foundation “Remembrance. Responsibility. Future” conducted public discussions for high school students on the topic “Human Rights in the history of the twentieth century”, during which students from different regions of Ukraine sent essays on relevant topics. Top authors were invited to the second stage of the debate, which included the three round tables for different groups of participants - September 27, October 19 and November 16, 2012.
September 27 the first meeting of the round table gathered students, representatives of different views on particular problems of the history. Subject of the first round table was dedicated to World War II, the memory about it, and, in particular, to the Holocaust.
The meeting was opened by Petro Kendzior, Board member of “Nova Doba” Association and the project coordinator. During his speech he expressed pride for generations caring about their country’s past, and wished fruitful work.
The round table was attended by prof. Vladyslav Hrynevych, Ella Sitnic, prof. Yuriy Shapoval and others.

?? International Competition of Creative Works for Pupils, Students and Teachers “Lessons of War and

?? International competition of creative works for pupils, students and teachers “Lessons of War and Holocaust – Lessons of Tolerance” was finished. For the whole year the participants were preparing to present their works to the strict but fair jury, which included famous scientists, such as: Dr. Tamara Bakka, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Assistant Professor of Social Sciences Teaching Methodology and Gender Education Department of M. Dragomanov National Pedagogical University (Kyiv, Ukraine), Olexandr Davlyetov, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor of World History and International Relations Department of Zaporizhzhya National University (Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine), Vladyslav Hrynevych, Doctor of Political, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies, NAS of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine), Yuriy Nikitin, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of Humanities of Sumy Branch of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs (Sumy, Ukraine), Sergiy Shpagin, Senior Lecturer of Southern Federal University, Head of Rostov Branch of the Scientific and Educational Center “Holocaust” (Rostov-on-Don, Russia), Volodymyr Mosyakov, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Director of the Zaporizhzhya Branch of European University (Zaporizhzhya). Final part of the competition was held in Kyiv on September 29-30 (alongside with the International Scholarly-Practical Conference “Historical Memory about War and Holocaust”) as part of commemorative events dedicated to the tragedy in Babi Yar.

International Scholarly-Practical Conference “Historical Memory about the War and the Holocaust”

International Scholarly-Practical Conference “Historical Memory about the War and the Holocaust” was conducted on September 27–30 in Kyiv House of Scientists. The date of the Conference was not chosen by chance: on the 29th of September, the Ukraine celebrated the anniversary of Babi Yar tragedy, which is a symbol of the Holocaust in the occupied territories of the former Soviet Union. It became a tradition for the Ukrainians to hold commemorative events devoted to this date. However, it was the first time, when the anniversary of these tragic events of 1941 included scholarly conference of this range.

The Exhibition of the Pinchuk Foundation is Opened to the Public in the Diorama Hall

The grand opening of the exhibition “Holocaust by Bullets: Mass shootings of Jews, 1941-1944” organized by the Pinchuk Foundation was held at the diorama hall “Battle for the Dnipro” in D. Yavornytsky Dnipropetrovsk National History Museum. The exhibition will be opened for public till October 17. During the exhibition you can take a free tour for small groups, which will be conducted by specially trained guides. Admission is free.

The Pinchuk Foundation Will Finally Show the Exhibition “Holocaust by Bullets” in Dnipropetrovsk

The residents of our city will be able to see famous exhibition “Holocaust by Bullets”, which the Pinchuk Foundation has already showed in New York, Paris and many other cities around the world, as well as in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Officials and special guests, as well as media are invited to the official opening, which will take place tomorrow, September 28, at 12:00. The exhibition will be open to public from September 29 to October 17, 2012, every day except Mondays, from 10:00 to 16:30. Location of the exhibition – diorama hall “Battle for the Dnipro” D. Yavornytsky Dnipropetrovsk National History Museum (16, Karl Marx Avenue).

We Lift the Veil: the Date of the Museum Opening is Announced

September 26, the news agency “Most-Dnepr” held a press conference at which journalists were informed about the date of the Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” and “Menorah” Center official opening. Ihor Shchupak, “Tkuma” Institute and Museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine” director, Oleh Rostovtsev, a board member of Dnipropetrovsk Jewish Community and Svitlana Yermakova, “Menorah” director took part in the press conference. 

Educational Seminar for Prospective Employees of Kryvyi Rih Enterprises

Special session “Lessons of the Holocaust - Lessons of Tolerance” for students of Kryvyi Rih Development Training Center ? 1 was conducted on September 20 by “Tkuma” Center at Kryvyi Rih Museum of Jewish Culture and Holocaust “Museum of Mikhail Marmer”.

Grand Opening of the Memorial Was Held at the Place of Mass Execution of Jews

In the village of Kislyanka, Sinelnikovo district of Dnipropetrovsk region, the grand opening ceremony of the memorial was held. The monument was erected due to the initiative of the members of Dnipropetrovsk Jewish community - Rostislav Shitikov and Arkady Golod, who took care of all the expenses and troubles regarding commemorating the victims of the Nazi genocide.
During the war, there was a concentration camp where civilians, especially the Jewish families who had not managed to escape, were forced to extract crushed stone from the stone quarries for the construction of German military airport. Many people died because of exhausting slave labor in inhuman conditions, many were killed and their remains were buried only nominally. In 1943, the fascists shot the survivors, about a thousand people, and most of them were Jews.

Pilot Project of Keter Program Has Been Completed

The last session of the Keter program training course took place on September 10-13. The topics of the seminar, like all previous ones, covered the history of the Jews in Ukraine, Jewish museums in Europe, and work with collections of Judaica, Judaica description, the development of educational programs. In particular, during the September sessions Dr. Felicitas Heimann Jelinek, program director, gave a lecture “Jewish symbols”, “Development of general museology and “Jewish” museology”, “Jewish Museums”, “Modern museology in Jewish museums: the presentation of temporary exhibition”. Each lecture was followed by practical exercises that enabled participants to test new knowledge. Dr. Mickaela Feurstein-Prasser, Director’s Assistant continued Jewish-themed museum lecture “Introduction to the Jewish Museums” and “Training Programs at the Jewish Museum of Vienna”. The lecture by Dr. Bernhard Purin “Fakes and Forgeries” raised great interest. After the lecture the museologists were lucky to study fake artifacts.

“Relativism Leaves No Place for Science”

September 12, Ihor Shchupak, Ph.D., “Tkuma” Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies, teacher-methodists with great experience, held lectures for history teachers. It is not the first time Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute for Postgraduate Pedagogical Education invites Ihor Shchupak to share his experience and knowledge with teachers.
This time the lecturer told about problems of studying the Second World War history and the Holocaust and Nazi racial theory. Teachers took an active part in the discussion, and bravely shared their personal views. 

Presentation of Libraries

On the occasion of the celebration of the City Day, September 8, at Globa Park the exhibition of books, organized by libraries and publishing houses of the city and the district was held. The event took place on the initiative of Dnipropetrovsk Library Association with the support of the Department of Culture and Tourism Dnipropetrovsk City Council.
Within the framework of the events “Tkuma” Publishing House presented its books. In particular, the audience could get acquainted with the works by Dr. Ihor Shchupak, “Tkuma” Center director, Yitzhak Arad, O. Kruglov, Dan Michman and many others, and get information about our publishing literature from Natalie Rud-Volga, “Tkuma” Center employee.

Madonna for Sidur

“Tkuma” Center staff visited village of Latovka, Shyrokivsky region, where now Olexandra Tolkacheva lives. It was she, who saved the famous sculptor Vadim Siddur during the Holocaust. She feels not very good now, and, maybe, we were the last journalists who managed to interview Olexandra. And though old age is taking its toll, yet the only one of Vadym Sidura elicits a smile on her lips.

“Teaching the Holocaust in School. Methodological Aspects”

Historians and philologists of Zhovtnevy district in Kryvyi Rih visited the Museum of Jewish Culture and History “Museum of Mikhail Marmer” on August 29. On this day educational seminar “Teaching the Holocaust in School. Methodological Aspects” was organized for them.

The Burial Place of Jews Has Become Burial of Wastes

August 31 as part of working trip to Kryvyi Rih “Tkuma” Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies staff visited prospecting shaft of the mine ? 5, that is to say – the burial place of the Jews who were shot, among other civilians and prisoners of war in the early years of the Second World War.
It is sad to say, but this place that should be sacred for descendants, became the burial place of waste. A memorial to the victims is located in two hundred meters, so those wishing to honor the memory of the victims of Nazism have to see a landfill.
By the way, the fact that, to a large extent, this place became the mass grave for the Jews - the Holocaust victims – is not mentioned on the memorial. Now Svitlana Piddubna, “Tkuma” Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies Regional Programs Coordinator and those, who care, are working hard to pay tribute to the victims.

Gratitude for the Books

Some people believe that the best gift is a book. And “Tkuma” Center adheres to the glorious tradition of presenting books to guests. So during the July visit of M. Trofimov, the representative of the Jewish community of Perm, our organization and director of “Tkuma” Ihor Shchupak presented him over 10 different publications. Among them, there were books by Ihor Shchupak and Yitzhak Arad, O. Kruglov,
S. Orlyansky and many others.
And recently, we have received the following letter:
“The Jewish community of the city of Perm in the person of the Chief Rabbi Zalman Daich heartily thanks you for the donated books! It is very valuable to us, as now we are collecting the library, which could be used by all members of our community”.
Books of our organization will become available to the entire community. And this is the best gratitude.

On the Eve of the School Year

August 29 substantive scientific and methodical commission of teachers of history, law, and the course “Man and the world” too place in Dnipropetrovsk school ?75. On the eve of the school year critical issues that bother teaching community, in particular the above-mentioned social studies teacher, were raised.
At least 150 representatives of city schools gathered in the Assembly Hall of the school.
Oleh Repan, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Assistant Professor of the history of.
Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, Yana Tymoshenko, a Senior Researcher at the
D. Yavornytsky Dnipropetrovsk Historical Museum, Dr. Ihor Shchupak, “Tkuma” director, etc. presented short reports.


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