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Aharon Weiss in Dnepropetrovsk

Aharon Weiss, one of the founders of Tkuma All-Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies and its Scientific Advisor, Coordinator of Jewish Renewal Programs JDC-CIS, an eyewitness of the Second World War, saved during the Holocaust, and at the same time well-known historian, has visited Dnepropetrovsk.
Igor Shchupak, Tkuma director, has made a tour for Aharon Weiss around the halls of the Museum Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine, which is under construction now.

Joint Work of The Keter Program Participants

At the beginning of this year The Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe (United Kingdom - Austria) has launched KETER Program pilot project in Ukraine. Ukrainian museologists, somehow connected to the Judaica collections, became the target audience of the project. As there are not many specialists in Jewish relics atributation in Ukraine, the Rothschild Foundation took it upon itself to prepare such specialists.
Today the first unique KETER Program is coming to an end the last training session will take place in September, and the participants will receive certificates of experts in Judaica. However, it is not the only factor that determines the significance of the project.

According to the proposal of the organizers the bilingual (Ukrainian - English) brochure booklet, which will be published in Vienna (Austria), will become the result of the substantial work. The brochure will provide information about the Ukrainian museums, whose employees are participants of KETER Program. Article on each museum will contain basic information about it: the history of the foundation, specificity, as well as information on the Judaica collection of the museum.

The Ark-2012

International Youth Forum The Ark 2012 has recently been finished. During these 9 days, from 2 till 10 of July, the participants got acquainted, were having fun, got new knowledge and enriched their intelligence. This years forum was held in the Franciscan Monastery, in the village Bilshivtsi, Galician district. The youth of three nationalities met there - Ukrainians, Poles and Jews. The event took place due to the assistance of Tkuma Aall-Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies in cooperation with the Consulate General of Poland in Lviv, Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Federation of Polish organizations in Ukraine, Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv). Among the participants of the seminar there were Yaroslav Drozd, the Consul General of Poland in Lviv; Nadiya Kytsela, district administration chief of staff; Myroslav Marynovych, Vice-Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University; Semen Hluzman, former political prisoner; representatives of the Jewish community, the clergy.


Virtual Course There Is No Worse Memory

Yad Vashem International School for Holocaust teaching and studying, with the support of the charity fund Genesis, offers a virtual course There Is No Worse Memory ....
The history of the Holocaust (Shoah)
The course begins in October 4, 2012.
After completing all the tasks and preparing the final paper, the participants will get the certificate on successful completion of the course at the International School of Teaching and Studying the Holocaust at Yad Vashem.
The course will be accredited by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

International Visitors in Tkuma

Representatives of the Jewish communities in America who support the programs of Jewish organizations in the CIS countries, including The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee made a working visit to Tkuma All-Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies on the 11th of July. The purpose of a trip to Ukraine was acquaintance with the activities of local community organizations, in particular with Tkuma Center.
Igor Shchupak, Tkuma Center director, presented to the guests the project of the Museum of Jewish history and the Holocaust in Ukraine, and also showed some artifacts.

Germany Will Pay 245 Million Euros to the Holocaust Victims from the USSR

German authorities, together with The Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany decided to allocate 245 million euros for compensations to another 80 thousand Jews from the former Soviet Union who survived the Holocaust, reports BBC. The Government of Germany and the The Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany agreed to increase the number of people who can claim the relevant material benefits.
According to Deutsche Welle, Jewish victims from the former Soviet Union will receive 2556 euro.
It is expected that the victims will receive a pension of 300 euros.

Ukrainians Commemorated Yacek Kuron

Commemorative plaque to Jacek Kuron was opened in the glorious city of Lviv on the 6th-7th of July. Jacek Kuron is an outstanding figure of the Polish struggle for independence, social activist and politician, supporter of the independence of such countries as Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. The plaque will remind citizens and visitors of Lviv of a prominent public figure from the walls of the house number 38 on the Stryyska Street, where Polish activist was born and where he lived for several years.

Round Table Session

Round table on Collaboration and Resistance during the Second World War was held on the 5th of July 2012. It was organized by All-Ukrainian Association of Teachers of History and Social Sciences Nova Doba; Petro Yatsyk Research Program on the history of modern Ukraine; Tkuma All-Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies.
The purpose of the meeting was to initiate among historians, scholars and history teachers the open discussion to overcome social contradictions concerning the memory of the Second World War, its lessons for todays Ukraine and the European Community. This event became the third meeting and a part of the joint initiative of historians, scholars and history teachers: achieving of historical reconciliation regarding the events of World War II.
The round table was attended by Dieter Pohl, Oleksandr Gohun (Germany), Hzhehozh Motyka, Tomek Stryyek (Poland), Maryna Mohylner (Russia), Vladyslav Hrynevych, Yaroslav Hrytsak, Oleksandr Zaytsev, Ivan Patrylyak, Yuriyy Shapoval (Ukraine) and Igor Shchupak.
The ultimate objective of such meetings, as noted by Jaroslav Grytsak, is to write a joint textbook on WWII history in Ukraine, taking into account a broad comparative context.

The Memorial in Novomoskovsk Being Desecrated

In the suburbs of Novomoskovsk, located in forty kilometers from Dnepropetrovsk, on the banks of Samara River, the newly opened monument to civilians, victims of Nazism was desecrated. Early in the morning, on Sunday, the 1st of July, unknown persons drew different red symbols on the monument, including the Nazi swastika.
With regard to this outrageous act of vandalism the press conference was organized in IA Most Dnepr. Among the participants of the press conference there were Sergey Reznik, Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council deputy, the head of the cultural and historical foundation Dialogue of Generations; Oleg Rostovtsev, member of Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community; Lidiya Pliner, her mother Kazhdan Vera was shot May 23, 1943; Aleksey Lazko, Fundator of the NGO Institute Ukrainiky. It is important now to feel the public reaction. After all, Dnepropetrovsk is tolerant city. Many different nationalities are living here; they are developing and co-existing peacefully. Therefore it is very important for every resident of the region to respond to this case

Memorial Service

On the tragic day of June 22nd in Dnepropetrovsk the remains of 441 civilians, who were shot during the Nazi occupation, were reburied. The reburial took place not far from the place of discovery of the remains in September 2011. They were found during the reconstruction work of the stadium Montazhnik on the Yangel Street.

Ukrainian Liberation Movement and the National Question During the Second World War

Scientific conference Ukrainian liberation movement and the national question during the Second World War was conducted in Dnipropetrovsk on the 15th-16th of June. Many famous Ukrainian historians took part in this event.
The following issues were considered:
-    The image of the Ukrainian liberation movement in the domestic and foreign historiography;
-    Modern methodological approaches to the study of the Ukrainian liberation movement;
-    Social stereotypes regarding Ukrainian nationalism, the origins of their formation and characteristics of their functioning in todays information field;
-    Organizational structure of the Liberation Movement;
-    Occupying power institutions fighting (Polish, German and Soviet) against the Ukrainian liberation movement;
-    Ukrainian-Jewish relations during the Second World War;

Press Conference

Volodymyr Vyatrovych, Candidate of Historical Sciences, former head of SSU archives, chairman of the Academic Council of Liberation Movement Research Centre (Lviv); Vladyslav Hrynevych, Doctor of Political Sciences, Senior Researcher at the I. Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies, NAS of Ukraine (Kyiv); Igor Shchupak, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Tkuma All-Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (Dnipropetrovsk) took part in the press conference on the 15th of June at 11 a.m. in Dnipropetrovsk.

Educational Seminar for Schoolchildren

Should we talk about the Holocaust today? This question was discussed with senior schoolchildren of Krivoi Rog comprehensive school ?111, when they came to the educational seminar organized by Svetlana Poddubnaya in the Museum of Jewish Culture and the Holocaust Mikhail Marmer Museum.

Meeting of ASF Partners, Experience Exchange in Preservation of Historical Memory

The partners of German volunteer organization Action Reconciliation Service for Peace from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus met in Moscow in June 6-8. Let us mention that Tkuma All-Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies cooperates closely with this organization in the field of volunteer programs. The meeting was organized with the support of the foundation Memory Responsibility Future (Germany).
The aim was not only to strengthen Russian-German, Ukrainian-German cooperation in the field of non-governmental organizations operating on the European and international level, but also to give a boost to an even more efficient work and strong relationship with regional partners. Preservation of historical memory, involvement of eyewitnesses in the historical narrative, biographical work, all these were the central questions of the meeting.

The Third Seminar of Keter Program

The third seminal of Keter: A Professional Training Course for Museums Experts in Ukraine, organized by The Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe, was held in Lvov Center for Urban Culture in May 21-25.
The third meeting of the participants was expectative and predicable one. Project initiators led by Felisitas Gayman Yelinek sought to organize the educational work of Ukrainian museologists associated with Judaica objects as productively as possible, without changing the basic goals and objectives. The students of different age were happy to meet like-minded colleagues, to share the success of their museums after applying the knowledge gained during the previous workshops, and new ideas for cooperation.
The program of the event was intensive, exciting and dynamic. The lectures were followed by practical sessions, which required to show the professional knowledge and skills. However, this activity met both what the organizers wanted and what the participants needed.

The Opening of the Memorial in Novomoskovsk

The memorial to the genocide victims, civilians of Novomoskovsk district, shot by the Nazis in 1941-1943, was opened in May 22, 2012.
The memorial was created by cultural and historical foundation Dialogue of the Generations, with the support of Dnepropetrovsk and Novomoskovsk Jewish Communities and International public organization Institute Ukrainiky as a part of projects The Memory: Events and Personalities and It was.

Jewish History and Culture in Ukraine: from the time of Khazar Khaganate till the present days

The Conference Jewish History and Culture in Ukraine: from the time of Khazar Khaganate till the present days was conducted on October 18-20, on the base of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University and JCC Beit Dan. The Conference was held as a part of joint (JCC Beit Dan and V.N. Karazin KNU) project Judaica Center. More than 80 people took part in the Conference, among them students, teachers and the guests of JCC Beit Dan.
The project combined the educational and academic components. The organizers managed to involve leading experts in various fields of academic Judaica from different cities of Ukraine, such as Yuliya Smelyanskaya from Judaica Institute (Kiev); Yelena Kolpakova from Tkuma All-Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (Dnepropetrovsk); Igor Turov from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Kiev). Thus, Yelena Smelyanskaya disclosed interesting historical facts on shtetl existing

Meeting with Semyon Gluzman

The meeting with Semyon Gluzman, who presented his new book Drawings from Memory Or Memoirs of Former Prisoner and Dissident, was conducted on the 15th of May in Mikhail Marmer Museum, Krivoi Rog.
Semyon Gluzman is a member of Presidential Public Humanitarian Council, board member of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine, Executive Secretary of the Association of Psychiatrists of Ukraine, Director of the Ukrainian-American Bureau on Human Rights, and well-known in Ukraine and abroad social activist. In his book, the author tries to show objectively his impressions about the years spent in Soviet Gulag, describes the participants of the past events, who, as a fate has willed, were put on the opposite sides of barbed wire.

Omelyan Kovch Monument Was Opened in Lviv

The opening of Omelyan Kovch Monument, Greek-Catholic priest who during the Second World War saved Jews, and because of this was imprisoned and died in a concentration camp Majdanek, was held in Lviv region with the participation of Head of the UGCC His Beatitude Svyatoslav Shevchuk, and more than a thousand priests and bishops.

What Can We Do to Live Without War?

The pupils of the 9th form, Krivoy Rog Central City High School, took part in interactive discussion What Can We Do to Live Without War? organized in the Museum of Jewish Culture and Holocaust Mikhail Marmer Museum on the 7th of May.

Happy Holiday, Dear Veterans

Dnepropetrovsk Jewish Community veterans, front-line soldiers, war eyewitnesses and those who survived the difficult years of the occupation became the heroes of the celebrations on the 8th of May on the eve of Victory Day.
The honoring started with the concert in Gorky Theatre. The congratulatory speeches were made by Shmuel Kaminezki, Chief Rabbi of Dnipropetrovsk city and region; Nelly Shulman, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine, Director of the Center of Israel Culture; Esther Katz, Director of JDC Programs in Eastern Ukraine; Elena Zbarzhevski, Head of Dnepropetrovsk branch JAFI-Ukraine; Dr. Igor Shchupak, Museum of Jewish History and Holocaust in Ukraine Director; Semyon Flax, Chairman of the Veterans Community and other distinguished guests.
Tkuma Center organized mobile exhibition and literary exposition of recent publications.

Awarding of the Medal Invictus

The official awarding of commemorative medals Invictus was held on the 5th of March in the library of the synagogue Golden Rose by Russian NGO Russian Union of Former Underage Prisoners of Nazi concentration camps.
The awardees list included: Lyudmila Nekrasovskaya, poet; Igor Romanov, Executive Director of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Dnepropetrovsk region; Yuriy Polissky, well-known Dnepropetrovsk writer; Igor Shchupak, Museum of Jewish History and Holocaust in Ukraine Director;
Ida Tsypkina, Head of the Jewish choir Beit Bayruh and others. Some awards were presented to friends and relatives.

Zaporizhzhya Jewish Readings 2012

Tkuma All Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies together with Zaporizhzhya National University conducted annual Zaporizhzhya Jewish Readings. They were opened in Zaporizhzhya on the 27th of April. The geography of Zaporizhzhya Readings extends every year: we are happy to note that this year's event was attended by historians, linguists and cultural experts from Kyiv, Chernihiv, Donetsk, Lviv and other cities that have not taken part in Zaporizhzhya readings before.
The seminar on the teaching of the Second World War and the Holocaust was part of the conference. Lyudmila Davletova, Tkuma Center Educational Programs Coordinator, involved new teachers who have shown interest in Tkuma creativity competition Lessons of the Holocaust Lessons of the Tolerance.
The round table brought together participants of the seminar and the conference teachers and researchers - on the problems of Holocaust historiography.
The seminar was finished with informative local history tour on Khortytsya.

German Academic Periodical Eastern Europe Will Write About Tkuma

Anstar Gilster, the journalist of German academic periodical Eastern Europe, had visited Tkuma on the 25th of April. Being a history students of Humboldt University in Berlin, he visits different cities of Ukraine, prepares photos, studies the mass graves of Jews - Holocaust victims, especially those who have not been perpetuated yet and are little known in Germany.
Tkuma Museum department staff had shown him the location of places of executions and ghettos on the map of Dnepropetrovsk, gave the opportunity to have a look at some documents and artifacts of the Museum and provided literature covering the Holocaust history in Ukraine and in Dnepropetrovsk region.

Workshop What Is Heroism?

The educational seminar What Is Heroism? for pupils of 9th form of school ?21 was conducted in Krivoy Rog Mikhail Marmer Museum on the 19th of April.
After the active discussions, students were offered a creative Workshop. Children drew dreams of those who died during the Holocaust.
At the end of the workshop the participants had an opportunity to have a look at Mobile museum and educational exhibition of Tkuma Center Krivoy Rog Tragedy.

The Materialization of the Ideas

The working meeting on technology issues and multimedia equipment was held in the building of Museum of Jewish History and Holocaust in Ukraine, which is now under construction, on the 19th of April. Everything that will cause the delight and surprise of the visitors in 5 months, now is a very meticulous and delicate work connected with the nuances of the work, choice of different kinds of multimedia technologies, light and sound.
Alexander Hanis, Chief Coordinator of the whole building process, Media-Trade Ukraine represented by Sergei Blazhevich, Alexander Skalkin, the Head of Corporate Department and Evgeniy Chistyakov, design engineer.

Youth Research Work on the Holocaust Example

The city methodological seminar Research Work of Students on Lyceum Education, which aimed to explore effective ways of introducing innovative training technology in the work with gifted youth, was held in financial-economic Lyceum (Dnipropetrovsk) on the 19th of March.
Igor Shchupak, Tkuma Center and Museum of Jewish History and Holocaust in Ukraine Director, gave his assessment of pupils' research.

The Connection of the Generations: If Mame-Loshn is going to live

April 11, Tkuma Centre staff visited one interesting person. Despite old age, this woman is very active. She has been living in the home for the elderly Beit Baruch for many years, earlier she participated in the public life of Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community, Hesed, and now she acts as precentor. Ida Tsipkina is one of the few residents of our city, who knows and remembers Yiddish, because her ancestors spoke this language. She still can easilyplay songs in this language, many of which are considered by the musicologists, who came to her from other cities to record the lyrics, to be a real cultural heritage. Now they are put on the music, performed by many Jewish vocal groupseven at the festivals of Jewish culture. This year Ida Tsipkina celebrated her 90th anniversary. Very few people today know Yiddish, the ancient language of European Jews. Specialists, who know this language, are worth their weight in goldin Ukraine and Israel.

Interactive Lesson

The interactive lesson The Mirror-World of Children of the War, dedicated to the memorable date, was conducted in Krivoi Rog Museum of Jewish Culture and Holocaust Museum of Mikhail Marmer on the 17th of April. The pupils of the 3rd form of School ?13 took part in the event.

Keter program II Seminar for Ukrainian Museologists

The second session of unique project Keter was conducting in Lvov, in Center of city culture, from the 26th to the 29th of March. The classes were held in lecture and practical form. The items and catalog information about them, provided by the participants, were used as the basis for fixing the practical skills. The tours,in which participants could get information about individual features, capabilities, and conceptual priorities of Lvovmuseums, were very important in the organization of the training course.

  Anna Mesdedovskaya, research associate of the Museum of Jewish History and the Holocaust in Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk), and Svetlana Poddubnaya, the head of regional educational programs of Tkuma All-Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (Dnepropetrovsk), Director of private Museum of Jewish Culture and Holocaust Museum of Mikhail Marmer (Krivoi Rog), were lucky to take in this project. The second session of Keter seminar was finished with a good feeling of usefulness of spent time. The necessary information on the organization of museum work was obtained, skills in examination of Judaica objects were acquired, the prospects for cooperation with like-minded and creative development of joint projects appeared. And this was the mail thing the organizers and participants of the program were aspired to achieve. Consequently, the seminar was successful.
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